I’m Dr. Michael Jolkovski. I’m a psychologist.

This site is about my practice: who I help, what I help them with, and how I go about it. I will assume that you are considering some sort of therapy or consultation with me, because I can’t imagine why else you would be reading this.

You probably want to know if I have proper training and experience. I got my M.S. in 1986 and my Ph.D. in 1989, both in Counseling Psychology, from Virginia Commonwealth University. During graduate school I gained clinical experience at the VCU Counseling Center, the McGuire Veteran’s Administration Hospital, Eastern State Hospital, and in a private practice that assessed convicted felons.

For 11 years I worked with college students, at The University of Minnesota (My predoctoral internship, 87-88) Georgetown University (a postdoc in college psychotherapy, 88-89) at George Mason University (Staff Psychologist/ Administrative Faculty, 1989-92) and at American University (Co-Coordinator of Clinical Services, 1992-98).

Overlapping with this I began working in private practice settings, at the Ashford Center (1992-4) and then in my own practice in Falls Church, VA. I joined the Winter Hill Psychotherapy & Consultation Center as a partner in 1994, and when the partnership disbanded in 2002 I went out on my own.

I undertook advanced training in psychoanalysis with the New York Freudian Society (now known as the Contemporary Freudian Society) in 1998 and graduated in 2005 as a psychoanalyst.

I served as Associate Clinical Faculty at George Washington University’s Center for Professional Psychology from 1999 to 2005.

Because I have been interested in groups, organizations and leadership, I have obtained training in organizational consultation and executive coaching.

That’s enough about me, don’t you think?