Some people just have to invent things. Some invent gizmos and technology, some invent art or music, and some invent businesses. I’ve had the experience of working with some entrepreneurs, and I’ve gained an appreciation for some of what they go through. They have a great deal in common with other creative people, including a restless dissatisfaction with the way things have always been done.

Entrepreneurs are the rock stars of business in more ways than one. They get a lot of attention after they make it big, but when they are in the development stage, nobody wants to buy them a sandwich.

Like other creative people, they bring things into existence that benefit others. They deserve support. And they have to balance the needs of keeping their team together, obtaining capital, innovating and finding a market, while trying to maintain a personal life.

I’ve been able to play the role of helping entrepreneurs maintain perspective and personal morale through the hard slog of nurturing a new enterprise. It’s possible to do within psychotherapy or as a coaching/consultation engagement.