adults under 30

A lot happens in the stretch of life between high school and becoming a full-on adult. There is so much to get done. Usually this is when people complete their education (at least for the time being) and establish the big elements of life: the kind of work one does, intimate relationships and an overall identity away from one’s original family. One’s lifelong projects get planned or underway, whether they involve building an empire, raising a family or becoming highly accomplished at something.

None of these things are simple or easy or accomplished without stress and uncertainty. There are plenty of ways one can hit a snag. Too many to mention, in fact.

It is common for problems such as depression or anxiety to spring from all of this as well as interfere with working all of these things out. Other common problems include making the leap from dating to marriage and the nagging feeling of still not feeling like an adult.

Most therapists are comfortable working with people in early adulthood. It’s a great time to make a difference. If you glanced at my bio, you might see that I spent quite a lot of time working exclusively with college students.